Sunday, May 16, 2010

One week down

So it is hard to believe it has been a whole week since I arrived in Japan. I am starting to get really frustrated at how distant I feel from the people I love. My laptop can't connect to the wireless for some reason, and the desktop computer doesn't have a microphone or speaker to call. SOOO I apologize for not being able to communicate with anyone.

Things are going well. I had a fantastic welcome dinner Friday night. My sister got a nice group together and we went to eat shabu shabu. THEN I went to Karaoke. It was SOOO much fun.

I am really enjoying being so close to my sister, because Saturday she surprised me with a massage and a fun day of sopping. Then I came back and rested before my roommate had a friend over dinner.

Today, Sunday, I slept in till 8. After I got up I took a shower, made breakfast, and took my time getting ready for church. After church I went to my sisters apartment and hung out until I decided it was time for me to head back home for the evening.

Now I'm back, and getting ready to head to bead. Someday when I get Internet on my computer I will try to make this a little more entertaining.

That's all for now. God bless till next time.

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