Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dumb Blogger and Picture Perfect

So I tried to change my blog background, but it didn't really work. I am EXTREMELY un-educated in how to make it look better. SO if any of you reading this know how, I will gladly let you help me, or even just change it for me. ( I know I would have to give my user information).

So I just wanted to say that, not I will actually tell you something about my day in Nihon-land (Japan).

My roomate told me this morning as I was about to head out the door that she wasn't feeling well and if she began to feel better later she'd come to school. Well she didn't make it to school, but when I got home today the house smelled of pinesol, and the floors were spotless. I don't know about you, but when I'm sick i sure as heck don't get the urge to clean, much less mop the whole house! I should also tell you our ENTIRE house has to be swept and mopped, because it is all hard wood or tile.

OH and on top of that the school hired a professional photographer to come today and take pictures of the school for their yearbook, and pamphlets for the year. Guess who they wanted to take the pictures of??? Bridgette, my roomate, but she was at home "sick". So who was the lucky person who got to have their picture taken ALL over the school with students? Me! So I pretended to be talking to to students or telling them something important. They took pictures in my classroom, where we were re-doing a speaking part of the lesson, just to make it look good for the pictures. They also took pictures as I was leaving and posed students in the hall with me talking. Then I went to my desk and they had students take pictures there. Then we went outside to take more posed pictures. Needless to say I was the teacher model for the day. There have been some days in my life I have enjoyed taking pictures, but today was not one of them.

In some ways I can't wait to see the pictures, because I want to see if any of them actually turned out good, then the other part of me doesn't because I felt like I looked AWFUL today. Because it was cold and rainy. Not good weather for looking cute. Oh well, life goes on. Hopefully they will re-take pictures next year and choose a new model for their pictures.

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