Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A First Time for Everything!

Well I just finished celebrating my first birthday in Japan. Through out all of my celebrating I realized I was having a lot of first time experiences.

Friday I went to dinner with my sister, my two fabulous co-workers/roommates, and a friend who came down from Mito. After dinner I had my first 3 HOUR experience at karaoke!! I had been to karaoke before, but usually only for an hour or an hour and a half. LEt me just say, 3 hours STILl isn't enough! Maybe the group made it exceptionally fun, but if we hadn't of all been so tired I could have gone even longer.

THEN Saturday the real fun began! I woke up and got ready for the day, and my sister and Kendon came over to cook me breakfast. It was amazing! Rachel had gotten bacon, and cinnamon rolls from a friend on base. (Normally you can't find these delicacies in Japan.) After a great breakfast we cleaned up, watched a movie, and then headed to meet more friends at the station. After letting breakfast digest we then went and had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.

This was my FIRST time to eat a Hard Rock cafe, and in JAPAN! I was really excited, and the food didn't disappoint. I was able to get me an American sized hamburger!

After lunch we then walked over to the BLUE MAN BUILDING!! Where the BLUE MAN GROUP was performing. This was my first time to see them. The show was not what I was SOO MUCH BETTER! I laughed so much, in fact there were times I think I was the only person laughing just because of how ridiculous these guys look! The guys don't say anything, but their eyes and facial expressions are PRICELESS!

Then the best is yet to come. After the show the show everyone cleared out, except our group and a couple other smaller groups. After seeing the show, and what they did with some of the people in the audience I was beginning to get a little nervous. ESPECIALLY since I was the birthday girl! As it turned out there was no need to be nervous. One of the members came out to take a picture with us.

After we finished taking our group picture with him we left and visited outside the studio while some people took potty breaks. While we were waiting and visiting the Blue Man came outside. It was really great because it was just our group and a lot of us were able to take pictures with him. I was watching him interact and take pictures with everyone when he came over and stared at me. It was quite freaky at first. The guys NEVER smile, and look at you like they've NEVER seen a white person before. SO here is the sequence of pictures of him coming up to me....then he looks at me....and then...wait for it....he leans in....AND KISSES ME ON THE CHEEK! It was SOOO crazy! I think I am still in a little shock.

Then I rode the rest of the HOUR train ride home with a BIG BLUE KISS on my cheek. It was actually a lot of fun! I almost didn't want to wash it, but the paint was really nasty and oily, and I knew it would stain whatever it touched. So to preserve my momentus occasion I have pictures and my ticket stub, which I pressed against my cheek to document the kiss yet again. So that was the last of my first...MY FIRST KISS! If you want to get SUPER technical it wouldn't be my first kiss, but from someone other than family, truth or dare, then I think it qualifies as a first kiss.

Alright, well I hope that will tide you over for now. I will try to post again soon. I have a lot of other pictures and stories to share.

Matane! (that means see you later!)