Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 2: Getting situated

1:00 am- wake up to use the bathroom
4:43 am- wake up to use the bathroom, and feeling reaady to start the day, until I check my itouch to realize what time it was. So inspite the fact that the sun was up, and I felt rested I attemped to fall back to sleep.

8:30am- wake up for real, change out of my p.j.'s and head downstairs to make breakfast which consisted of banannas, peanut butter, and COFFEE.

9-12- Checked e-mails, facebooked and chatted until my desktop computer froze up.
12-2:30pm- Cleaned, unpacked, and organized my room.

2:30pm finally got hungry, made a grilled cheese sandwich and ate leftover baked beans for lunch. Checked e-mails again to see if my sister had replyed to my previous e-mails with questions. She had so then I started laundry. and worked in my room some more.
4:30pm went for a little walk and then came back and wrote blogs until now.
6:10p.m. getting hungry, and expecing my roomate home. So...

Good bye until tomorrow!

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