Friday, May 21, 2010

Mommy WOW, I'm a big kid now!

So after this past week at school it has finally began to sink in, that I am fully employed and have big kid responsibilities.

I am actually a teacher. I have about 300 students in 17 classes, and 5 different grades that I see once a week for 50 minutes. Girls come to me during lunch and after school to ask me questions. I also have teacher meetings, and after school club activities that I help with.

I've now had two different teachers that translate for my 7th graders ask questions that flattered me. One asked me, "Have you had teacher training? Because you seem so confident, and speak loud and clearly." I would hope I was speaking clearly when I only say 3 words a minute. Okay so maybe I don't talk that slowly, but it feels like I do. The other teacher asked me, "Do you enjoy teaching? Because it looks like you are really having fun with the girls." My response, Yes I love teaching. (Why would I have spent 5 years of school trying to get a teaching degree if I didn't.)

I really am enjoying my life here thus far. I'm still adjusting, and my body is still trying to get used to the stressful, busy country of Japan. It's also great to be here with my sister, my best friend for almost my entire life. There were a few times I would have disowned her, but for the most part, we've been best friends.

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  1. I wish i could see you teach! I know that your awesome and inspiring and everything that you have dreamed about being all this time! I am praying for you constantly and miss you like crazy! Lets have a skype date soon please!