Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Funny Story of the day- Compliments to my sister....

So i am on my way home and am waiting for the signal to change so i can cross the street (this road is too busy to jaywalk in my opinion) but of course that doesn't stop the superior nihonjin! this one business man decides to sprint across the road in front of this car. As he begins running he trips over his own feet and face plants and then rolls on the road! thankfully the car is going slow and stops! the man TRIES to play it off (impossible hundreds saw) and attempts to get up fast and finish running across. As he begins to run he picks up his bag and spills it! the bag wasnt zipped! it was so ridiculous! he ruined his suit and maybe some papers and definitely took a MAJOR EGO BLOW and as you probably guessed the signal turned green as he was gathering his things! CRAZY! also he was running away from the station not to it!?

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