Thursday, August 26, 2010

Students + Fireworks + Beach = AMAZING DAY

Thursday we had two students, Saria and Mana come to the house for lunch. I made chicken, spaghetti, and a salad. Oishi des! After the food was put away and dishes cleaned we played Uno attack, Doubto (the Japanese name for B.S.) and Cranium!

They were SOOO much fun! I love having students over, and I think it was fun for Amber to meet some students.

After the games Amber and I didn't know how to nicely tell the students we had plans to go to Zushi beach for a firework show, so we invited them to come with us. The fireworks were AMAZING! As always pictures can't do them justice. On the way home Amber and I were hungry so we stopped at a convenient store to grab some "traditional" Japanese specialties. I introduced Amber to bento boxes (like a TV dinner only not frozen and with fresh fried rice, and a shrimp stir fry type thing. , onigiri (triangular ball of rice with fish inside), and tofu rice rolls.

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