Friday, August 27, 2010


I know I have mentioned a few things about my roommates, but I don't think I have mentioned how blessed I am to have two AMAZING roommates. Both are very different in several ways, and God is teaching me things through both of them.

Amber Andrusak is not only my newest roommate, but also my newest friend. We quickly became friends on the way home from the airport and the few days we shared getting over our jet-lag. We share many mutual friends, because her hometown (Salina, Kansas), is my birthplace. We determined our family left a year before her family moved there. So we just missed each other, but have had fun talking about some of the same people we know, which is actually how she found out about the teaching position at YJG. We get along great because we share some of the same mentalities, and we are only 2 years apart in age. We both remind each other of good friends, which we both see as a good sign. We also share the LOVE of COFFEE, and on most mornings share a cup of Joe together!

Bridgette Jones is special because she has been here for 4 years so she has become a mentor, advisor, and most of all friend. I had met Bridgette the Christmas I came to visit my sister in Japan, which made things really nice for when I had to make my quick transition from the states to Japan in May. Bridgette is from North Carolina and is great with Southern hospitality! We have had many dinner parties with friends, co-workers, and students. Bridgette and I also share the love of musicals. In the few months we've been in Japan together we've seen the Sound of Music, and DreamGirls together. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of us together because I didn't have my new camera then, so she has them on hers.

You will be hearing and seeing more of them throughout the year!

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