Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So as some of you know, I have been in the US for my summer vacation. I am now back in Japan, and happy to be here. I am working on getting unpacked and settled in. First thing this morning is going to the grocery store. Last night when we got home all we had in the house was rice, tuna, and some condiments.

After some scrambled eggs, grapefruit, and apple juice my new roomate, Amber, and I headed out for a mini tour. While we were out shopping we began to get hungry so I took her to a Japanese restaurant for her first Japanese meal. Here is what I ordered...

After eating our jet lag was starting to kick in, so what better way to solve jet lag than a massage. There is a REALLY GREAT Thai Massage place near our school and house so I took here there and we got massages. They were SOO great! After the massages we came back to the house to do a little more unpacking and then we both turned in early.

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