Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sinus Infection

After a week of sniffles, coughing and sneezing I decided to go see the doctor. Turns out I am not just allergic to things in OK, and TX. I'm also allergic to things in Japan, AND I have a sinus infection to go with it. This usually happens to me around christmas and or Thanksgiving when I switch back and forth from OK allergies to TX allergies. So now I have had my welcome to Japan sinus infection. Now lets just hope I don't get another one when I come back in August after being home for summer break. It sure stinks getting bad genes. For someone who loves nature and being outdoors it is awful being allergic to so much of it. Although God's natural creation makes happy and feel closer to him, so bring on the sniffles and possible sinus infections. The nature is worth it.

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  1. Hi sweet friend! I'm sorry you have the sniffles! I know the feeling. I finally just got rid of mine after about 2 months... ugh. Switching between 2 places always gets me going (OR and DC). I just love you so much and miss you TONS. Can't wait for a skype date soon. xoxoxoxo